Opening plenary: The Historicity of Digital Activism

Guobin Yang (University of Pennsylvania)

Respondent: Timothy Hildebrandt (LSE)

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Hacking and Hacktivism

Chair: Tim Jordan (King’s College London)

- Fidele Vlavo (King’s)

- Mustafa al-Bassam (King’s, former Lulzsec)

- Sebastian Kubitschko (Bremen University)

- Sam Carlisle (Sukey)

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Digital Propaganda

Chair: Joss Hands (Anglia Ruskin)

- Kirsten Forkert (Birmingham City University)

- Eugenia Siapera (Dublin City University)

- Lee Salter (Sussex University)

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Social Networks and Digital Organising

Chair: Miriyam Arouagh (Westminster)

- Paolo Gerbaudo (King’s College London)

- Stephen Reid (UK Uncut co-founder)

- Marta Franco (Catorce Collective, Spain)

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Closing Plenary: Weapons of the Geek

- Gabriella Coleman (McGill University)

- Respondent: Tim Jordan (King’s)

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